“I’ll Be Better Off Without You “

boy on a school bus
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It was my son’s first day in grade school when I took a day off from work and accompanied him to show my support.

I had been a witness on that one day of his struggle to adjust to his new schedule – from waking up early to throwing up inside the school service due to motion sickness.

I felt pity for him. I even told myself that if and only if I can give him, in one single shot, all the things I learned in life up to this very moment, I would’ve done it right away.

After a couple of days though, he seemed to have fairly adjusted to his routine. He is tired but I see that he’s happy. And one early morning when we’re both dressed, me for work and he to school, he told me something that got me thinking:

“Dad, please don’t accompany me to school anymore.”

I was stunned thinking that he’s saying that he’ll be better off without me though I know that he didn’t mean to shut me off entirely. I am happy that he realizes the value of experiential learning at a very tender age. Atta boy!

It’s still kinda sad to hear though. But it’s that kind of sadness that I have to live with and be happy about anyway.


two piece heart.png
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Love is like a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle made up of two pieces. And due to the novelty of our experiences, each puzzle piece have intricate, unique patterns that can fit perfectly to only one piece.

But what people fail to realize is that  it’s not just a trial and error fitting spree. It involves the painful process of refining the edges, cutting an edge to accommodate the other piece, and extending some parts to fill the gaps of the other.

The interesting thing is, this gap that we’re trying to fill in order to piece together this puzzle, is dynamic. Such that, the patterns change in our lifetime and thus the process of cutting, welding, and grinding are perennial processes necessary to keep the love puzzle in perfect fit.



My kind of girl. Photo from hdopenroad.com

Adda kam nga sangapamilya iti ruar ti balay mi iti maysa nga malem idi limmabas ni kuya Dan, kaarruba mi, nga naka-motor. Iti likudan na ket kalubbun na ni baket na nga ni ate Bel nga adda nga tarin-backless ti badu na ta dandani makita amin a duri nan.

Nalukmeg diay baket, ket inturtured ku nga haan nga makapugsu ti katawak diay pannakakitak diay bukut na.

“Puunay diay badun ate Bel-en,” kunak ken baket nga adda met nga sikikita. “Bale adda kimmut diay bukut na!”

Kasla kam la madupuy nga nagkatkatawa ti naimas ken awan uni na a katawa

Feeling Lazy Is Not An Option

It’s not that someone’s really incapacitated, nor lacks the proper talent to do the things that he wants to do.

Oftentimes, he’s just too lazy to do it.

– Angmamangenhinyero


Praise Aleluya!

“Jeez! What’s that word again?!” Photo from dreastime.com

A man is receiving instructions on how to navigate with his peculiar newly-bought horse.

“When you want it to move, say ‘Praise Aleluya!’ And to stop, say ‘Aamen’ got that?”

“Roger that,” said the man and shouted “praise aleluya” and got his horse galloping in no time.

“Aamen, Aamen,” the man said testing the “breaks” pulling the horse to a complete stop.

“Cool!” he muttered to himself.

And so the man, to his joy, traversed through the meadows with his horse lost in his thoughts about his good fortune, when he realized that he’s heading right straight to a 200-foot cliff.

Panic-stricken, the man desperately tried to remember the word for stop when suddenly he managed to shout “Aamen!” just in time for the horse to stop in it’s next step into the jagged rocks below.

“Whew!” cried the man in relief while holding high his right fist. “I know I count on You.

And I can never thank you enough Lord. PRAISE ALELUYA!!!”

Hedonism: Why Always Trying To Feel Good Isn’t Always Good For You

Master it before it makes you its slave.

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When we feel good, the body releases feel-good hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine which tend to be addictive. But anything in excess including predictability and hedonism is evil.

I’m not saying though that one should deliberately choose pain or that I glorify and promote suffering. Hell no.

Nothing is wrong in dipping your fingers to hedonism nor taking occasional plunges. It is when you live by it in the illusion that it will sustain and see you through everything in life – that causes all the problem.

Pleasure can be a backbiter like a good drink: only a few shot is sufficient to hook you until you can’t stop. First you took the drink. It was delicious and delectable and then you have some more, and more and more until the drink took you.

By then it is still delicious albeit something feels wrong. But still delicious anyway and so you can’t get out and the cycle goes on and on.

Once you get clawed, it takes a brutally honest self assessment to identify yourself as an unwitting victim of hedonism and you would need tremendous efforts to get yourself off of your own circle when your pleasure seeking spree already mastered you.

Master it before it makes you its slave.

Again as I have said before, true happiness is neither perpetual euphoria nor having no bad days. Happiness is a neutral state where YOU are in control and not your hedonistic urges.

Beast Mode By Default

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” Ecclesiastes 9:10 NIV

Beast Mode by Default 4.jpg

When the above verse was written thousands of years ago, it was not meant to be an adverb of manner attached on evil deeds.

If we’re going to do something, anything worthwhile, the Bible instructs us to do it, not sparingly, half-heartedly, absent-mindedly, or half-assed.

The mandate is clear: DO IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!

Translating it to modern times, this just means being

“Beast Mode by Default”

I exhort everyone to live by this.

Demos, Chronos, Theos


Minus the self, success on almost everything in this life depends on the unanimous agreement of these trio (enumerated below including the reflection on my blogging):

  1. Demos (Greek word for people) – I may have the best ideas on my blog but if I don’t resonate with the people I’m writing to, I’m just going to be a “certain blogger out there in the blogosphere” – completely forgotten and unknown.
  2. Chronos (Greek word for time) – I might resonate with the people but if it’s not the right time, my writing would be oblivious and just a random blabber.
  3. Theos (Greek word for God) – I might have the best timing and the right audience but if God gives it a thumbs down, then I’ll just be the random dude with a random blog and nothing more.

And by the looks of it, in terms of blog traffic, I might just be that random blog you are currently reading. But ‘till then, I’ll just keep on writing.


Malikmata 4

Kung sa akala mo pinapapunta ka na sa Vegas…

(Just when you thought you were asked to go to Vegas…)


To the Lovely Lady With Lovely Dimples

“Ok lang kahit anghirap sabihin at isulat ang pangalan mo Shin Min Ah. Cute ka naman tapos bonus pa yung dimples mo. Pakiss nga ako…” ang larawan ay mula sa imgarcade.com

Habang nasa van ako isang gabi, puyat, pagod at antok na antok ay pinanood kong muli si Vela Blue sa aking cellphone habang hinahataw nya ang drums.

She never fails to put a smile on my face.

Bakit kaya palagi nalang?

Bukod sa ansarap nyang yakapin habang nage-enjoy siya ay dahil ito sa kanyang dimples.

Di ko alam bakit gandang-ganda ako sa mga ladies na may dimples. Siguro ay dahil ang una kong gf ay may biloy. A basta. Nakakapagpalabas talaga siya ng ngiti. Yung tipong:

“mahal, huwag kang ngingiti at baka di nako balikan ng hininga ko…”

Bawat magagandang binibining may biloy, para sa akin ay isang prinsesa na kay sarap alayan ng mga kaloob upang ako’y mabiyayaan ng kanyang matatamis na ngiti habang ang kanyang mga dimples ay pinaglalaruan ang aking damdamin at kamalayan.

Mula noon ay di na ako nagkaroon ng leading lady na may dimples. Mukhang nakuntento nalang ako na matuwa sa mga binibini na may mala-langit na mga ngiti na pinatatamis ng kanyang mga dimples.

Marahil ay sa kadahilanang ang biloy at ang puso ko’y parehas ng hitsura. Yung puso ko nga lang e may bakas ng mga palaso ni Kupido na nag-iwan ng malalim na latay.

Sige na, sige na keso na kung keso. E yung keso nga andami ding dimples e…