何時か架純ちゃんが私の妻になる (いつか·かすみちゃん·が·わたし·の·つま·に·なる)

“You cannot get rid of me. I will come back and I will marry you” – French President Emmanuel Macron

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I already said these words sometime ago I just cant remember the exact moment when but I did.

Well, I would like to my congratulate the newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and extend a hand to welcome him to the club of us men marrying graceful, elegant, strong and intelligent women (each of his own, just to be clear!) past our age brackets.

(By the way, if you want to get a glimpse of my woman, you can just imagine Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion. Yep, that’s her alright!)

I can’t fully explain why but I can totally relate to him and his love life: Age is nothing but just digits. When you look past the physical and connect with her through the emotion, mind, and soul, the physical will be totally irrelevant both of you wont need any faces at all. You both become connected with love, something that age can never corrupt unlike the physical body.

When you touch down and hold hands with her, it’s like reconnecting with yourself in love – creating a formless and timeless yet magical moment that you would treasure for a lifetime.

Welcome to the club (or maybe you would’ve welcomed me first) mon ami. And if I may, let me borrow some of your words for they perfectly resonate well with me (and my lovely lady):

“Without her, I wouldn’t be me”

“Whatever you do, I will marry you”


You’re one heck of a thief my lady –

You came not in the dead of the night but in broad day light;

Not when my senses are dead but when they’re on full alert;

You came not in secret, you walked in through the front door.


I never noticed you at first –

But then you just started doing your thing, when you’re just being you:

…when you flaunt your smile

…when your eyes laugh

…when your hair is caught in the morning breeze

…when the air reminds me of your lovely scent and your presence


That’s when I started to lose things because you take them away one by one –

First you stole my glances

Next you took my attention

After that, my smile…


And then,


This throbbing thing within my chest…


I have become an object of robbery.

I’ve finally fallen prey

I finally have fallen for you








B.S. Practical Engineering

Ako ang inhinyero sa bahay pero minsan e mas malupit si misis kesa sakin pagdating sa practical engineering.

Dahil summer ay bumili kami ng inflatable pool para sa mga chikiting. May isa’t kalahating metro din yung sukat nung pool at may taas na aabot sa kalahating metro . ‘Di sumagi sa isip ko na bumili ng compressor o yung pampahangin dahil inisip kong kaya ko namang bombahan yung pool gamit ang manual pump na pambisikleta.

Pambata lang yung kinuha namin… Mula ang larawan sa cn-airmattress.com

Nang makauwi kami ay sinubukan kong bombahan yung inflatable pool.


Mauubusan nako ng hangin sa baga at matotodas kakabomba ay siguradong di pa ako mangangalahati.

“Punta nalang tayo sa vulcanizing shop bukas ng maaga,” kako kay kumander.

Sa loob-loob ko ay di ako sang-ayon sa sinabi ko dahil napaka-hassle bitbitin yung pool na halos singtangkad ko kapag nakatagilid lalo na kung sasabayan pa ako ng walang kurapang mga titig ng mga naglalakihang mga mata ng aking mga minamahal na kapitbahay.

“Pero sana may mahihiraman nalang ng compressor kahit yung maliit lang,” kako ulit.

“Pwede siguro yung nebulizer” sabi ni boss.

Nagka lightbulb. Yun nga lang, di ako yung nagbukas ng ilaw.

“Oo nga ano!” nasabi ko nalang na may halong inis sa sarili ko. Ang simple lang dapat nun pero bakit di ko kaagad naisip yun?!

At ganun na nga ang nangyari. Naglalabas nga naman ng hangin yung nebulizer kaya nagamit namin ito para ma-inflate yung pool.

Malaki ang utang na loob ko sa nebulizer na yon dahil buhay parin ako hanggang ngayon at nagkukwento tungkol sa practical sense ni boss at sa nadiskubre naming di lang para sa taong may hika ang nebulizer.

Oo na, sige na nga. Sa pagkakataong iyon ay panalo si kumander samantalang bumagsak naman ang Bataan. Pero di bale na, ayos lang. Mas mabuti na yung inflatable pool ang gumamit ng nebulizer at hindi yung aking mga mini me na tulad kong pogi.

I Would Still Love You

But I will still love you even when rheumatism will be a daily cross to bear and when you will lose all your teeth and bite me with your gums.

Photo from dreamstime.com

I would still love your hair that turned white.

It’s the proof that we’ve both grown through the years. Proof that one time sometime ago, we decided to be together, make things work for both of us because we love each other. Not a parasitic kind of love, but a mutualistic type where we both benefit and grow.

We’ve been perennially subjected to ups and downs, and the years already took their toll. Now we’re both having our white crowns and I am so happy that we’re both growing crowns of snow together.

I would still love your bulging belly.

There’s a reason why it is called a lover’s handle. And I want to hold you there. Don’t worry that it’s not flat anymore. I find nothing sexier in your body other than the womb inside that belly that bore my children.

I want to run my fingers on your womb and reminisce the moment when my sons were still inside meeting my touches. I remember when it was so taut and big, and I frequently planted a kiss on it. And I will always love that scar that still serves as a witness for your great love and courage.

I would still love your wrinkled hands.

Please don’t be ashamed of them because they already attained maximum friction, and that they would guarantee that my hand will never slip and that they would remain tightly grasped to yours.

I would always love the feeling of that hand on my fists; the way it equilibrated rage with a tranquil mind, violence with a loving touch, a heart that feels with physical and mental strength. The way that simple touch hushed the turbulence, the way it said I love you without the need for words.

We will get old. Our knees will eventually fail us. My hair may either be diminished or completely lost. Our joints will squeak.

But I will still love you even when rheumatism will be a daily cross to bear and when you will lose all your teeth and bite me with your gums.

Our age will be nothing more but mere digits. It’s the love and wrinkles that will make those years count.

When Something “Green” Gives A Healthy, Hearty Laughin’

And, of all people you can laugh out loud with, isn’t it cool that you’re doing it with your special someone?

I’ve been sitting on this hilarious “green” song in my local dialect that never fails to put a grin on my face irrespective of when or where I am. And due to its green nature and that the terms require a considerable degree of fluency to fully comprehend it in full context, I cannot just share it to anyone and so I was condemned to laugh alone for a while.

One weekend while both me and my wife are doing the laundry, I remembered the song again. But this time, instead of keeping it to myself, I sang that hilarious part of the lyrics out loud followed by a hearty laugh until it brought me to tears.

♪ ♫ Nakamagmaga,
Natikagan sa ♫ ♪

My wife let out a belly laugh followed by a silent one as she hit me twice with her towel while her knees totally lost control as she squatted on the ground.

While our shoulders were still shaking, I felt relieved that I finally found someone to share with the hilarious song and laugh with much gusto.

“Thank you,” I told her in the middle of my chuckles “thank you for laughing out loud with me!”

What I’ve learned in that moment is, given the right timing, a green joke minus the sexual innuendos and overtones expressing repressed urges can give a clean humor that can make you laugh with your significant other. And, of all people you can laugh out loud with, isn’t it cool that you’re doing it with your special someone?

And in our case, a good hearty laugh is always equivalent to a good quality time with each other.

And that, is not a joke my friend 🙂

I Love You For All the Moments In Between

photo from amiquote.tumblr.com

I love you in silence…

Not just when things are merry
Not just when the situation elicits chuckles
Not just when you’re euphoric

I love you in silence…

Not just when you’re in pain
Not just when discouragement sets in
Not just when you’re confused and afraid

I love you
For all those moments in between
For all the mundane
For all the ordinary moments:

  • When there’s neither joy nor pain
  • When there’s neither sunshine nor rain

I love you in silence
When words become superfluous
I love you in silence –
When both our hearts freely speak.

“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.” – John Keats

Photo from stuffpoint.com

kiss me beneath the thunderclaps –
…and the howling wind will cease
…and the raindrops in the air will freeze
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where the little girls won’t weep
…but resume their peaceful sleep

kiss me in the midst of a world war –
…and the bullets will cease their flight
…and armaments lose their might
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where soldiers and rebels will drop their weapons
…and embrace each other like brothers

kiss me when I’m worn and weak –
…when this man can exert no more
…when the world becomes too much for my shoulders
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…there newfound strength awaits
…to stare at life again at its face

kiss me baby…
the faintest touch of your lips on mine
and your warm hug so divine
our eyes are closed but sees in the open
on earth a tranquil piece of heaven

kiss me my dear…
that magical moment
when love conquers all
and all of this life’s mess
in their perfect places fall
the earth stands still
and gives way to infinity
… every time you kiss me

You Want to Know Why I Love You? It’s Because I Love My Life Baby. And YOU Are My Life!

Look, I can’t find any reason why I love you baby. So next time, please don’t ask me why because I’ll die first before I can find any reason at all.


“Look, I can’t find any reason why I love you baby. So next time, please don’t ask me why because I’ll die first before I can find any reason at all. All I know is I love you just because.

And I won’t stay if I don’t love you ok? The fact that I am here with you, right now, means I want to be with you because I cannot not be right beside you right now. I love you. I want you to know I’m here because I want to be with you.

It’s my choice.

It’s not a product of reason because reason itself will never create nor sustain love. I’m here because I love you, and I love you because I love you. Do you get that baby? I’m here because I love my life and I can’t part ways with my life because I would die. And you are my life baby, YOU are my life!”

“Sir, I’ve Come to Tell You I’d Marry Your Daughter…”

Please don’t take it against me if I say that there’s something more frightening than being here in front of you right now – and that is to live my life without Yen.

“Cheers man, er I mean dad… Uhm, can I call you dad now?” Photo from blog.styleweddingscabo.com

I come in peace sir. I did not come to stir trouble, albeit I cannot guarantee that I can leave your emotions untouched.

I must admit that you’ve done one hell of a job raising Yen sir. She’s intelligent, spontaneous, lovely, responsible, emphatic, and very passionate with what she does. I know she was and still is your princess, and the way you treat her is like she’s the next best thing in life before life itself.

And so here I’ve come to tell you that she is now my princess and my life too. And this time I’d want her to be my queen.

I know you have been dreading that a day would come when a whacko would come to face a multi-decorated life veteran like yourself and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

And yes sir the day has come and that day is today. And I am that whacko in front of you.

I’d have to hold her responsible for what I’ve become though. I‘d say that it’s pretty much her fault I became that whacko because she turned my life around. I’m not a drifter before we met but I’d say that things went falling in their right places when I met her and I can’t believe what I’m actually seeing that I thought I was going crazy.

Turns out yes, I’ve become crazy. I am totally crazy about her.

Yen’s the answer to my prayers sir and I know deep within that I would end up in an insane asylum if she doesn’t become my lifetime friend and partner and the mother of my children.

She had been my saving grace and my last reason to keep believing when there’s nothing left to believe in. Sure she can get overbearing sometimes, nagging, and ultra critical but I’d still want to marry that part of her nonetheless.

I feel fear as of this moment sir. Not because I’ve done or I’m about to do anything wrong to her, but because of the thought that I’d have to meet her hero in person.

But please don’t take it against me if I say that there’s something more frightening than being here in front of you right now – and that is to live my life without Yen. And as such I decided to muster every ounce of courage in me to face you and the entire army before you and ask you to please accompany Yen to exchange vows with me in front of the altar.

I love Yen so much sir. She means my life to me. She is and will always be the embodiment of joy in this world. She’s the one who proved to me that love is more than just an ideal concept portrayed by media and printed on paper. And nothing of these would have been possible without you showing her first the essence of love and what it means to be loved when she was yet a little darling in your arms.

Please allow me to love her for a lifetime sir. Please allow me to be a part of your circle that protects her, loves her, cherishes her, and nurtures her wonderful unique personality.

I am looking forward to seeing traces of you on our mini-versions that will fill our humble home with love and laughter. I would also like to ask you sir to please help me become a good father to our future children just like how you are right now with her.

Would you please say yes, sir? Dad, please?