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“Yeah, we give the best moments!” Photo from http://www.rlv.zcache.ca

This blog contains graphic language in almost all of the posts. They can vary to being offensive, very offensive and very fucking offensive. Parental guidance is strongly fuckin’ advised…

I’m not going to hold back this time. I had been too limited with my opinions in the past and I aint doing it today. This one you are reading right now and the rest of what’s written in my blog are not meant to offend anybody. And if they offend you, I wont ask for forgiveness, I will ask you to move on. It is only to share how I view things my way and maybe, offer somebody else a different perspective.

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For starters, I’m not a saint or someone pretending to be a paragon of Michael, Gabriel or any winged seraph for that matter. But I know what it is and how it is to be nice and good because I am nice and good. I have yet to see someone 101% intrinsically evil, who has not done anything good in his life.

Next, I am not the devil himself either. I don’t reign in the 9th circle of Dante’s inferno, and I am not responsible for tempting Eve to touch and eat the forbidden fruit let alone be the cause of suffering of humanity. I must admit that I am not always a good guy, not perfect. I have yet to see anyone 101%  perfect in character, someone, a human being who never sinned.


Like you, I am human. I am strong as a human can be. I was designed with the same potential to change the world as anyone. Yet I am equally as fragile like anyone else because I am also made of emotion, intellect, and corruptible body. I am also fallible, and having every potential to falter.

I can be emotionally stable and yet I can be schizophrenic at times.

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I bleed ink. Sometimes sparse, no more than a few drops. Sometimes profusely, a violent waterfall cascading to the jagged bottom.

Welcome to paradox.


I’m the man, a husband, a father, a drinking buddy, a pervert and maniac (their opinion, not mine), lover boy, a structural engineer, frustrated rockstar and a hell of an introvert.

As my name implies angmamangenhinyero (translation: the engineer), I deal with figures, numbers, and a whole lot of drawings on a daily basis. I need to ensure that the buildings we design will be a safe place for all occupants.

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Basically in this profession wherein almost everything is “all input” to the mind, this blog of mine functions as a vent or exhaust system which emits no waste products but another view of the other side of the coin.

You think people like me are boring people? Think again. We are “visual people”. Not very talkative but one hell of an observer.

You can reach me through angmamangenhinyero@gmail.com

28 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Magandang araw po mamang enhinyero, maraming salamat po sa follow. Bago pa lang po ako sa blogging ehehehe.. Tulad ng nabanggit mo, ito rin ang outlet ko para magvent out. 🙂 Nice blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maraming salamat at magandang araw din sayo Ms. Antisocial. tulad mo rin ay antisocial din ako kung kaya karamihan ng mga nasa isip ko e nilalagay ko dito…

      welcome to the blogosphere, marami kang makikilala dito mga kwela at makukulit at magagaling magsulat.

      tuloy mo lang ang pagsusulat ok? 🙂 Regards…

      Liked by 1 person

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