“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.” – John Keats

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kiss me beneath the thunderclaps –
…and the howling wind will cease
…and the raindrops in the air will freeze
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where the little girls won’t weep
…but resume their peaceful sleep

kiss me in the midst of a world war –
…and the bullets will cease their flight
…and armaments lose their might
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where soldiers and rebels will drop their weapons
…and embrace each other like brothers

kiss me when I’m worn and weak –
…when this man can exert no more
…when the world becomes too much for my shoulders
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…there newfound strength awaits
…to stare at life again at its face

kiss me baby…
the faintest touch of your lips on mine
and your warm hug so divine
our eyes are closed but sees in the open
on earth a tranquil piece of heaven

kiss me my dear…
that magical moment
when love conquers all
and all of this life’s mess
in their perfect places fall
the earth stands still
and gives way to infinity
… every time you kiss me


Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

4 thoughts on ““Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.” – John Keats”

  1. This blog is another version of you which is a bit different from the old one. The old one was angsty, radical, bold and rugged but The Romantic Alpha is mellow, sentimental and affectionate. Such a good example that men who look tough and harsh on the surface are actually tenderhearted and gentle. Ktnxbye 🙂

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    1. Thank you…

      Yep, turns out, the world isn’t run with brute force and mind alone. Both when combined works like magic but I found out that when you combine it with love, everything’s a miracle!

      I knew fulfillment then when I was able to publish my thoughts, raw and vile as they were, but I never thought it’d be more fulfilling when you write about love dedicated to a beloved, a family member and the humanity. I never thought it would click for me but I felt much better writing these kinds of stuff other than resentment.

      Maybe or maybe not, this blog would be much more “successful” than my previous blog in terms of connecting with emotions and people but I’m happy I am sharing the love I previously never thought I had.

      Many thanks for the kind words K.Anne 🙂

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      1. You sound like the different you which is, yes, the romantic. 🙂 I admire your versatility in expressing your passion in writing and I think fulfillment and happiness we get from doing our craft are the ultimate rewards we can have. I understand the feeling of having the urge to write about resentment because writing after heartbreaking and frustrating situations is tempting to release the tension and emotion. But I’ve learned personally that when my goal is to write about love, I can change the way I see things and yes, everything is miracle when you combine love with it. 😉

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