Cluttered: Going Against

What is the name of the obese wizard boy with a scar in his forehead from Hogwarts? Harry Pata.

Happy new year everyone and don’t forget to rock and roll while going against your norms this 2017! ml/!!!!!


Seldom can we attribute the words “going against” to the affirmative. On a political point of view, it may mean social unrest or taking up arms and slugging it out with the police or the military.

It can also mean disrespecting current norms or destabilizing well-established patterns to make way for new ones. On a macrocosmic scale, we first need to go against the current world order before we can attain a new world order.

That’s what a couple of my fellow caballeros below did. Che and Fidel may not have lived long enough to see humanity fully embrace Marxism, but these fellows made history by going against the current norm which is capitalism and perceived evils of it which Pope Francis described “unfettered capitalism” as “a new tyranny”.

“El Che Vive!”
“Luchar contra lo imposible y vencer”

No, I’m not here to promote the red theory. I’m still pro democracy.


Marxism, I leaned, is not all about the atrocities of the reds burning both private and public properties if you refuse to pay their so-called revolutionary taxes, nor is it about ambushing a military detachment deep in the mountains.

In its purest sense, Marxism is about service to the community and the entire humanity. It is about working for the same well being of other children as you would to your kids. It’s about wanting your fellow to have the same well-off social status as you would to yourself and your family. It’s a perfect embodiment of equality and the “love thy neighbor” principle.

Capitalism however, hammers the lower class deeper into the mire while the elites use them (through the system) to leverage themselves higher in the social caste. The problem with Marxism is, it is too perfect a system for the human race to adapt and let alone implement.


And so for this 2017, I decided to go against some well established norms that limit the development of my character and well being.

And when I say go against the norm, it doesn’t automatically mean that I would lift a middle finger and sing/scream/shout “FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!”

Instead, I will go against my self-limiting beliefs, my insecurities, my complacency which have been my norm for so long; try to rise above it all and crush my dreams.

These norms resulted from ingrained habits that evolved to muscle memories. This is true for the rest of us. And because those habits already became muscle memories, we unconsciously implement them for every situation we are subjected into. In short, we are living an “instant” life devoid of growth and learning. We just settle for what’s already there instead of consistently striving for excellence.

And in order to free ourselves from its enslaving shackles, especially if it’s an addiction, a deed or a vice that we want to purge from our system, we need to go against our built responses and re-establish routines and habits to form new ones that would allow us to learn and grow. It may be a hell of a struggle but it is a worthy struggle. It is literally going against yourself. But if you are able to emerge victorious, then you’ll realize that the price is way, way better than staying in your mundane and lifeless self.

It’s time to go against the current order.


I need to go against my overindulgence to the social media of the blogosphere.

I have a Facebook account although I’ve been contemplating to remove it altogether to reduce the white noise. My last Facebook post was almost a year old already and I have no plans to posting anything on it as of the moment.

If there is a media platform that I am active though, it’s my WordPress account. And this lately, I’ve been having an overindulgence. Stuff like I regularly scribble words in my notebook while I’m inside the bus. If not on a notebook, I use my Samsung Duos to type my thoughts. And I obsess with all the ideas that that keep on popping in my head that wants to be born on paper. A whole lot of white noise.

My state of the art, the latest craze, good ole faithful digital notebook and phone.

I need to cut it out, or trim it down at least so that I can disconnect myself from my writer self, reconnect with myself and stop chasing wind.


I need to go against my tendency to be trapped in pleasing people instead of just writing.

I know the feeling of having to write something to be able to gather some accolades on how fucking awesome I am with what I write. I don’t get much interaction really but because of that, every like and comment tends to be addictive to me. You see, I don’t get used to it because they’re a very rare occurrence. And when I get hooked, then I’m chasing wind again. Writing then becomes a vicious cycle of pleasing people and a boring chore that I need to get over with instead of a workshop designed for me to learn more about myself and share a piece of me, anything of value to my audience.

Acquiring a good stat is definitely gratifying but I guess it’s just different things for different people. Other writers might be bestowed with the gift of connection with fellow writers but others are given the satisfaction of just writing. I think I’ll be contented with the latter. It’s my first reason anyway why I started this blog in the first place.

Turns out, I learned that if the work that you do coincides with what a lot of people loves to do, then you’re one lucky son of a gun. Congratulations to you 🙂


I need to go against my obsession of becoming a famous writer.

I did and I still do obsess about it. Albeit during the holiday break, I realized that I need to focus on just writing instead of besetting myself with the desired end result of becoming famous.

One can only strive hard for something and be happy with it. Otherwise, if your not happy with what you’re doing and yet you keep on doing it, then all your efforts are in vain because you’re doing things for the wrong reasons.


So what’s the point in all of these? Does this mean that I should stop writing altogether? No, I don’t want to stop. I’ve met a lot of like-minded people here who wants to change the world to make it better as much as I do. And so I am still excited to meet good natured, witty, and hilarious folks with the best dispositions in life. And for that and my wish to share what I learned both in structural engineering and life in general, I wish I’d be given more time to write and share.


When something doesn’t feel right anymore with what you’re doing, just stop. Just because you have been doing it in the past doesn’t mean you need to keep on doing it. So whether it’s employing professional help or through prayers or meditation or by whatever means, go against the ugly norm and start hacking your way to a better one.

And if you can identify that deed and prevent it from controlling your switch, you’re finally free from your own self-inflicted prison. And you can now join me and Zack de la Rocha while we raise both our middle fingers, look straight in the eye at the limiting deed that we just overcame, and sing/shout/scream at the top of our lungs “FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!”


What is the name of the obese wizard boy with a scar in his forehead from Hogwarts? Harry Pata.

Happy new year everyone and don’t forget to rock and roll while going against your norms this 2017! ml/!!!!!

Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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