For Men Only: Fatherhood

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Being a father is more than a responsibility.

Aside from the bragging rights that we are not infertile and that we have the power to populate the land, fatherhood is a state where we realize that more than anything else, it is a privilege.

Its only fatherhood that will make us realize that we are not THAT powerful we once thought we were. Fatherhood will shove in our faces the reality that we have limitations. That we have our own weaknesses.

However, fatherhood also teaches us to have the will to get off our asses and strive hard to be better. Fatherhood will teach us to not give up hoping the best for our wives and children. It is only fatherhood that summons our last ounces of strength left each day to carry our wives and children in our arms when we arrive home after a whole day of waging war.

What puts down a man to his knees with less effort? It is when he prays for his children.

And despite of our inherent weaknesses, it is only in the state of being a father where we realize that we are at our strongest when we’re down at our knees praying for our families.


Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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