Cluttered: From Commercial Blogging, to Lessons Learned in Writing, and Everything Else in Between

Ok, let’s face it fellow bloggers: life’s not fair. Someone puts a lot of sweat on his stuff like myself thinking and hoping it will be a big hit, only to find out that no one’s interested enough to view it, much more like it, while the motherfucker who posts “nonsense” things with a lot of grammatical errors is one big rockstar in the blogdom. Why?

“May benta rin po kaming blog, murang mura lang, pwede mo pa tawaran…”

A friend and I were talking about blogging in general when she said something about commercial blogging. She even mentioned one blogger in another domain who have a lot of followers even if he’s just writing “crap”.

Ok, let’s face it fellow bloggers: life’s not fair. Someone puts a lot of sweat on his stuff like myself thinking and hoping it will be a big hit, only to find out that no one’s interested enough to view it, much more like it, while the motherfucker who posts “nonsense” things with a lot of grammatical errors is one big rockstar in the blogdom. Why?

A fellow blogger asked this already in one of his posts. I don’t know if he’s got some answers now.

On one occasion, I came to a point thinking that maybe, just like Jeff Goins, I’ll eventually leave my current work and make a living out of full time blogging/writing.

I love my current job, every moment of it but I also grew to love writing enough to consider myself as a fulltime writer instead of a full time design engineer. Thank goodness though, I didn’t succumb to that thought.

What I learned from that thought however is that some things are really not meant to be no matter how hard you try while some things do even if you put minimal to completely no effort at all. As it turned out based on my own personal experience of shitting the web here and there, hard work is not enough to succeed in writing/blogging (my measure of success by the way is: the number of followers and views. It just means that you’re a “hot” item, and that a lot of people were able to muster enough effort to get off their asses and hit like or comment because they were somehow moved by what you’ve written.) We need freakin’ luck, fellow bloggers!

We don’t always get what we want no matter how hard we work for it. I can work my ass off writing for years on end and still may not end up like Tom Clancy or Dan Brown. Or, my parents would’ve given me any musical instrument the very instance I was born and play it for 2 decades and still I would be nowhere near Beethoven, Wolfgang or, Mozart.

Luck, we need luck, or destiny or whatever fucking way you want to coin it. As writers, we need an audience, an audience who have the same convictions like us, and willing to rally round the world to spread our words in full regalia.

Mission 101: Worldwide Domination. Advancing the cause of Angmamangenhinyero

In my case, I think I will be needing magic if not total overhaul of my personality if I’m going to be this blogger everyone would be itching to read but hell no, no thanks. I can’t bend myself to what others want me to be, be it toning down my profanity or resorting to a lighter comedy apt for general patronage. I can take constructive criticism from a friend and I can take others’ advice for my personal development, but to overhaul my personality? Hell no. Resorting to this course of action would be called commercial blogging to me which would get you popular of course, but it may eventually lead to the death of your identity.

Just a question though. Let’s say my unique style that was once underground was adopted by a lot of people thereby making it “mainstream,” will it be considered as commercial blogging?

Long story short, I didn’t acquire enough of an audience after 3 years of blogging. If the content of this blog will be printed in a hard bound, there is no Angmamangenhinyero army to march in front of it. No significant number of readers, be it technical readers plus the general reading public. My blog is a poor traffic generator. Nevertheless I’m still writing. I don’t fucking know why am I still writing even without any tangible returns (like a whole lotta cash) aside from being able to dispose a full load of shit from my head. But for a desperate writer/blogger in WordPress, his mantra would be:

“One view a day, keeps suicide away.”

I am just kidding of course. If this resonated with you however, I suggest you go and see your psychiatrist.

One thing I learned as well is you can’t force a deep personal connection with your readers. You may have some occasional “Great post!” or “Nice blog” pat on the backs but it doesn’t mean you already established a deep personal connection with them. It can be a start of something promising but never assume that there already is a connection.

And since I have very few views and therefore few connections, I matured from thinking about me and myself when I write to focusing on the message I want to convey or share. Instead of wanting to be dubbed by other fellow bloggers as the greatest writer on the planet with a cult named after me, I think about how can I share that something that made me laugh so that someone who needs laughing will laugh also, or share what I learned as an engineer and help the junior engineer who doesn’t have any idea of what he’s asked to do. By the way, this is called adaptation. Instead of banging my head on the wall and getting sad over my spilled brains on the floor, I might as well think my writing is a result of a higher calling (whatever the fuck that means).

And speaking about connections, people get hooked easily by their emotion rather than the intellect, most especially ladies. Trust me I know. You can be the most intelligent animal on earth, but most of the ladies will just roll their eyes at the idea and wish they’d find a more fun person to be with – fast!

I don’t have the charisma and wit of Joey de Leon. His humor is somewhat dark albeit I think mine is darker. My humor is rated PG with a tendency to dip towards rated X – for Xcentric (nice thinking man, now drop that porn magazine and go get a life!) If you’re not familiar with my voice, it is usually heavily infested with profanities showered with eccentric thoughts and a peculiar imagination (say the word Kangkong and you’ll see me grinning. Interested why? Ask me.) And sometimes, what I find funny is not at all funny to most, like this:

I am not gonna get over this soon. Blame the originator. He’s damn hilarious I should say 😀

I don’t like commercial blogging. If you’re used with that style and you’re happy making a living out of it, fine. I don’t, though sometimes I fight the urge to do so.

And to borrow a couple of phrases from my blogger friend, “each to his own” with reference to our individual skills. She also told me that “we have our own ‘forte’ and our own crowd who have the same wavelength like us”.

If you happen to find them, please write for them. Don’t give them the crap of commercial blogging, please.

Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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