Just this once Uncle Sam, can you please mind your own business?

In our current fight against the evils of narcotics, can you just please leave us alone?


In our current fight against the evils of narcotics, can you just please leave us alone?

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Yes we do, but please let us take care of our domestic issues – ALONE. Photo from http://www.mlsalexis1socialstudiesblog.blogspot.com


I know where this is all going to, I can see right through it.

When the late President Marcos refused to play putty in your hands, you made your move by manipulating other putties in my government who also wanted to take advantage of the social unrest we are having back then. You and other bandwagoners pretty much got what you wanted as evident in the history books. I don’t need to cite my references, this is not a research paper anyway. You know this by the smallest detail much more than I do.

I don’t know whether President Marcos became a threat to your national security or whether he was in the way to your global political interests. Come on, we cannot even defend ourselves from the oligarchs and businessmen raping our land, how much more to your military might? Or maybe he posed as a danger back then that threatened your interests worldwide?

I am not trying to pick a fight here. I’m just asking you to let us go through the process so that we’ll mature enough by experiencing firsthand how to run our government. And besides, who are we to challenge you when in reality what we can only do is to pray hard so that our entire race will not be annihilated should there be military confrontation between you and us or other superpowers?

We are trembling in fear every time we see you flexing your military muscles. How can you compare it to us which is like an old man in his deathbed?

But then this is already beside the point in as much as it was already history. However, you made the message loud and clear so as not to be mistaken: you almost always get what you want for your best interests.

Narcotics in my beloved land is still a prevalent issue that we’re still trying to address and I believe that our leaders including the law enforcement are doing their best efforts to minimize if not totally eradicate (this is an impossibility) narcotics itself and the grave evils that it brings to my society. I greatly appreciate your concern, but in all honesty, it’s freaking the hell out of me. I fear that because of the “bad boy” attitude that my current president is showing which is fueled further by his earnest desire to put an end to narcotics that is ravaging my country, a lot of people now wants his head on a silver platter including you. Not only drug lords but his political enemies as well. I am sure that they are waiting to pounce the instance that he makes one wrong move so that they can oust him immediately with gusto from the presidency.

And maybe, just like Marcos back then you see him now as a potential threat to your worldwide sovereignty and that you’d do everything to see him out of the office. Even to the extent of taking advantage of my leaders who are hungry for power so that it will appear like we did it to ourselves and thus making your hands invisible. I know that you can never let go of us because of our strategic location in Asia. Every neighboring country that we have is just at the right bombing distance from us if needed be, but hopefully God forbids that we have to come to that point.

This is the first time in my three decades being born in this country that I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of abusers and peddlers of narcotics surrender to the authorities. I never even thought of it possible. And yet it was possible. I am supporting him in his war against narcotics because I want my children to have a safe place to live from the time they were born and long after I’m gone. I don’t give a damn about politics and this is my first time to actually post something about politics but I am doing this for me and my family. I am writing this for my fellow Filipinos as well. I’m afraid that no one after him would have the same fervor in fighting illegal drugs should he be ousted. I don’t have issues with him being told to abide with existing laws about human rights, everybody needs to be reminded of that but please don’t lift a finger to depose him from his seat as president. If we will come to that point, so be it, we inflicted it upon ourselves just please don’t participate, covertly or overtly.

I can see that you have nothing against him personally and his fight against illegal substance. But I can also see that you want him out because he’s totally different from my previous leaders. He doesn’t seem to bend that easy, has a foul mouth and a despicable character to lawless elements – but I believe he knows his limitations. We do. I hate to admit it but given our situation, we are putties in your hands. We will remain as your ally which is more than an obligation but for our protection as well. We will never forget the day you liberated us from the Japanese occupation, and formed a government that we can decently start building ourselves again. Thank you.

As I have said, this is a domestic issue. Just this once please allow us to deal with it accordingly – which is severely. We are the ones on ground zero. We know the terrain, we know how the enemy operates locally.

So please don’t flex your muscle on us. Just this once please let us deal with this alone. Please don’t use your influence to destabilize my country who is in the process of healing itself from its wounds that never seem to heal.

Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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