An Epistle of the Enlightened Angmamangenhinyero to a Troubled Angmamangenhinyero

If you tried something and you failed, it’s ok to get upset but don’t kill yourself.


Chapter 1

1Greetings my child! I hope you are at peace with yourself and your circumstances. I know that you are going through lots of things such as juggling work, family and yourself. 2Knowing you that much, I can say that as of this very moment, your days are rather mundane days with neither highs nor lows to keep your adrenaline pumping. 3Whether you admit it or not, it is rather boring that you would prefer some action to inaction in order for depression not to culminate to frustration.

4And as such, I do not want to tarry and hold back my message any longer as I am in deep hurry to let you know the things you immediately needed to hear:

5Contentment my child, contentment. If you wish to be happy you must be content with the things you have as of the moment. 6I know that you are frequently tormented and confused on how in the world will you pursue excellence and be content with what you have at the same time.

7“Everybody wants to rule the world,” and that includes you. The very same thing that gave birth to dissatisfaction and envy. 8Things such as being on top and the lust for influence, these things drive you to a cycle of resentment and that tricky sense of contentment.

9It’s how you process the things that are being perceived by your senses. 10Don’t fall by immediately jumping into conclusions without analyzing it. 11Remember that nothing in your chosen field is a “cookbook”, not even the problems you perceive.

11Remember that the world didn’t conspire to be against you, unless you believe it so.

12There will always be people who are inferior to you, and likewise with smart people. Don’t fret because that’s the eternal truth. 13The only time you will become the smartest and greatest of all is when the Almighty slays everyone in this world but you. 14Yes my child, the possibility of which is naught, and to aspire it is foolish. 15And I believe you would never wish for anything like that anymore should the heavens decide to rebuke you by granting you everything you wish for.

16Never raise your anger when no one seems to recognize your intelligence and achievements, and the more when you expect them to respect you for your feats be it great or small. 17Where you are now is a competitive world where majority of the people have their prides standing taller than their bodies just like you. 18And just like you, they have great difficulty uttering the words “good job” or “that’s brilliant!” to others. 19When you feel threatened when others excel, your pride is hurt, and you form thoughts such as “That’s nothing. I’d do something better and you’re going to be an archived history!”

20“Excellence is in the details” my son. 21A lot of people can do the same thing that you do, but what will differentiate you from others is in the details. 22Take heed of these words so you won’t falter and fall to the trap of erroneous expectations. 23You have no control of the things outside yourself, but you CAN do something within yourself.

24Each of us had been given gifts, each to himself. Some had been given ten and some had but one. 25You may have been given five which makes you thankful that you had been given more than the one given with a lone talent. 26And yet you may feel resentment towards someone who has been given ten. 27I can see how you wanted to throw your five talents in exchange of being the one who have twice of your own. 28This fuels your hate towards the world and yourself. In turn, you feed your greed. 29It’s very surprising that you’re looking for contentment while being overpowered by greed.

30Be gentle with yourself because “it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” 31Forgive yourself for beating yourself up. 32All is an infinite word that only the Almighty has the capacity to have, not even the one who has ten, or even hundreds of talents.

Chapter 2

1Be thankful for the people around you. 2A whole lots of bunch has come and go but the ones around you right now have chosen to stay. 3These are the people who matter. They are a source of comfort and joy during times of bounty and drought.

4Understand that they falter, and so do you.

Chapter 3

1Seek the right crowd, but be able to stand firm for yourself even when you’re alone.

2You have a unique personality. That gives your talent a personal touch which will always be uniquely and incredibly you alone.

3Smile. If you’re not the smiling type, learn how to do it. It can relieve tensions, break the apathy and a sure bridge to new relations.

4“There is a time for everything.” That includes being quiet and merry-making. Shutting up and speaking up. Shunning and going in. Balance is the key.

5You only live once, so live a good one. 6Just like you, other people are busy with their own lives and those who make fun of you aren’t living at all.

7Do what you want. Just make sure it is the right thing to do. 8Do not deliberately commit mistakes in order to learn the lesson. 9If you tried something and you failed, it’s ok to get upset but don’t kill yourself.

10Of course you are credible. Reward yourself by taking and following your own advice.

11Learn to control your insecurities. 12When processed correctly, it would be nothing but a common itch, the occasional discomfort, and a stepping stone. 13When mishandled, it has the capacity to debilitate you and perpetually render your plans impossible.

14What others think of you is not as important as how you regard yourself. 15If you want a simile, it’s like between filth and your child. See, I told you it is total nonsense. 16Pick up what makes sense of what they say, the rest, flush it down the sewer waterways.

17“You are what you think you are”. 18If you think you’re a decent human being, lovable and intelligent, you definitely are. 19If you think you’re a wretched miser, you are right. What’s worse is that the world will see you in the same way too. 20You’re a gifted individual with an important contribution to make. 21Just remember to keep your ego bag in check should it become bloated. 22It lifts the chin way too high that it leaves you blind to banana peels and open manholes along your way.

23As parting words, try to always dwell on the bright side. Eat well, exercise and pray. It’s good for you.

Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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