Cluttered: Of Miniskirts, Nurses, Books, Movies and Downtime

I don’t want to write anything lengthy yet. I’d want to completely immerse myself in substantial information and facts first before finally venting out what’s inside my mind in a full-scale, fully concentrated on a single point.

A bit of this, a bit of that.

It’s downtime in the office. No serious and comprehensive design work before the architects finally figure out what they want to do with their lives, er – the hotel in Palm Island…


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I was paying some dues with my wife at an office when a staff passed by in front of me. She was wearing a miniskirt halfway through her knees and crotch; her legs are fair, almost flawless; and her sexy undies obviously outlined in her magnificent behind.

It didn’t occur to me that my head turned a few degrees to follow the “sight” but my wife was aware all along.

“I know what you were looking at,” she said.

“You were looking at her too?”

“No, I was looking at YOU,” she replied.


Photo from www.scienceandsupermodels
Photo from http://www.scienceandsupermodels

(I found this info in a blog including the Facebook page which expressed dismay with the alleged “sexualization of the image of nurses”.)

The nurse county turned pandemonium when the noontime show Eat Bulaga featured a dance presentation of three gorgeous, young female rising stars with a cap, white skirt and blouse – undeniably portraying nurses. According to the Facebook page of concerned nurses, “…This is a clear DISRESPECT and SEXUALIZATION of the image of nurses everywhere, which perpetuates the negative STEREOTYPES of nurses in the media…”

It was also stated in a letter from the PNA, Inc. (still can be found in the blog) demanding MTRCB “…to investigate the alleged incident and impose the proper sanction…”

Well, the skirts are just a little above the knee but the “assets” of Pauleen Luna, Ryza Cenon, and LJ Reyes are emphasized. Especially with the “daring” dance number (it’s a bit revealing to me), they’re simply (amazingly!) voluptuous.

I’ve seen the same girls wear much more provocative outfits on their other dance numbers. And the same for other variety shows where, there seems to be a national fabric deficit. However, there are but a few reactions to the said shows. No written complaints or reprimands whatsoever, except perhaps with the quiet protests confined at the back of viewers’ minds or the occasional media appearances of women’s right advocates.

The authorities, as well as local viewers (like me) may have a hard time distinguishing which is art and which is “for the boys only”!

Even the beautiful female flight attendants of Cebu Pacific who graced flights with their dance presentations. I would say that their attire is conservative to a certain extent including their dance steps but it still received flak from the feminists.

They did it for entertainment. And whatever it is that the dance numbers tried to convey their spectators, they did it effectively. And that our animal male kingdom gave the attention that they want.

very very very
I’m ^ entertained especially with Ryza Cenon…


In my frustration of getting Quiet by Susan Cain, I ended up buying another book. Nevertheless, I’m not disappointed with the book I bought instead, and neither my attempt to console myself.

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I’m currently engrossed in a book Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy (I’m a fan of action-packed, gory, and funny books/films). Just finished 5 chapters, but it is more than enough to fire up my curiosity and excitement: a covert military operation in a cave somewhere in Kandahar, Afghanistan and a homebound commercial aircraft in which, after transporting a mysterious guest, turns to pieces while traversing the Pacific!

I may not be a fan of Counterstrike, but the story sure brings back the soldier-wannabe feeling of being in a war, carrying the most lethal and sophisticated armory, and fighting insurgents or spilling the brains of zombies or ghouls referred to as Zacks or Zs in Max Brook’s World War Z.


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Photo from

Extroverts, move over!

We may be despised and unaccounted for but let me tell you that we have the potential, a vast reserve of untapped-but-not-for-long potential to change the world including you!

… But I wish I can get my hands on that book Quiet by Susan Cain.

Damn! Every bookstore that I go, it’s the same story – out of stock. Wow! This one must be one hell of a book that’s as rare as world peace and sanity.

To cope with my misfortune, I turned to the net to find everything I can about us introverts. I was consuming everything possible and my mind isn’t full yet – from blogs, to scientific data, quotations, anecdotes, and of course, Ms. Cain’s and mine too, a manifesto for introverts.

It’s good to know, confirm, and broadcast to every living being that we’re not a sorry lot.


A daydreamer on the spotlight, catchy ads posted on an underpass where I pass through every day when I go to work, marketing strategy is an A+ and it worked on me.

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Photo from

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty…

Kinda rang a bell somewhere in me – daydreaming is creativity at work! I wish I’d have the luxury to watch the movie, but if not, there’s always a “someday” to do it. For the mean time I’d search for other stories written by James Thurber.

Movies are good but  a lot of things are omitted from the written one. With that, I’d always prefer the whole book. Whole story complete to the smallest detail. Uncut. But Thurber wrote it as a short story, not a whole novel-length story about Mitty. So I guess I’d have to make an exception to that and see how Ben Stiller did justice (if he did) to the character.


Well what do you know, I blabbed a lot already… and now everybody’s waiting for me to give that calculation for compilation… the Mitty spell kicked in… again…


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Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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