Movie Review (Spoiler Actually!): Pyaar Impossible! (Love Impossible!)

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I never thought I’d be interested, much more moved by a Bollywood movie. But this one, the plot and the acting were so powerful that I felt I must share the triumph of the main character, Ambhay Sharma of the movie Pyaar Impossible! (Love Impossible!).

The story is about a nerdy computer whiz, Ambhay Sharma who after seven years of developing an operating system finds himself fighting to take it back after being stolen. His quest to take it back takes him to Singapore where he once again meets his long time love and crush, Alisha.

I’m not a genius like the main character but at times I am just as stupid, with a seemingly offbeat life, someone who can’t seem to find the right timing.

The first setting takes place in Ankert University in California where both Ambhay and Alisha studied. They were the complete opposite. Ambhay is more of my type: nerdy, loner, not blessed with good looks, and contented to just excel in his trade. Alisha on the other hand is an “it” girl. By society’s standards, she is the ultimate girl in every man’s dreams: a beautiful face, a sexy body, undeniable sex appeal, and everything a young woman in a university can hope for.

He bears the agony of loving her – in his dreams – and without her knowing it. Why would she notice him? She has the most beautiful face in the campus and a queue of admirers behind her, would she even bat an eyelid for the unpopular kind?

It’s a typical heaven-and-earth space between them. It’s totally impossible to meet, let alone Alisha loving him in return as Ambhay wished. It’s stupid even waiting for nothing and waiting to be loved by someone who doesn’t even know it!

He went on with his life. It took him 7 years creating his original software “Unify” that could unify all available operating systems. And for seven years he went on loving Alisha without the latter knowing it. All those seven years of seeming stupidity he drowned himself with his misery of loving her silently.

At times I can see the same stubbornness and stupidity in me. It will take time, a lifetime maximum, before something like your dream career, or someone will learn to reciprocate your affection.  But seven years? Someone’s out of his mind!

He almost lost his fortune when he had this transaction with a prospect client pretending to be Siddharth “Siddhu” Singh, who stole his program from Ambhay’s laptop while the latter was out taking a phone call. Ambhay didn’t know that his software was stolen until his transaction with another company, when the executives told him that a Singaporean company, Pinnacle Technologies, is already launching a new software with the same capabilities with the same name of his software, Unify.

With his father’s support, Ambhay then decided to go to Singapore to take his software back. Not even in his wildest dreams though did he imagine that the public relations officer of the company launching his stolen software is Alisha herself!

This, Ambhay learned, and he was determined to talk to Alisha and take back what was rightfully his. However, when he knocked on her door, he was mistaken as a nanny sent by an Indian nanny agency which Alisha needed at that time to look for her unruly daughter Tanya. Ambhay learned in time that Alisha is a single parent who moved to Singapore with her daughter to start a new life.

He went on to ride with the situation, pretending to be a nanny. In due time, he finally gained the respect and trust of Tanya. She even tried to help Ambhay win her mom since she observed how sincerely and deeply in loved Ambhay is with her mom. And during his spare times while Tanya is in school, Ambhay applied as a computer repair man in Pinnacle Technologies and tried to get into the server of the company to gain access to his software to put a bug on it.

During his stay as a nanny, Ambhay found the chance to talk to Alisha and tell her about how he loved a lone woman for seven long years, and Alisha didn’t have any clue that she is the woman he is referring to. Ambhay also proved her how it is to be unattractive.

Ambhay finally found Siddhu, who was really Varun Sanghvi who sold Ambhay’s  software to Pinnacle Technologies one time in Alisha’s house. It was a celebration with the company’s top executives after signing off a contract. The bad news is, Alisha is falling for Varun!

The night before the launching of the software, there came a confrontation between Ambhay and Varun when Varun, upon visiting Alisha in her house finds Ambhay and Alisha talking. Varun told Alisha that Ambhay is never a nanny but a stalker who accuses him of stealing his software without any proof. Ambhay was never given the chance to explain and Alisha demanded Ambhay to leave at once for deceiving her and pretending as a nanny.

In the morning, there was a school presentation, a musical presentation with Tanya taking the lead role. Alisha was present to watch her daughter perform. Unknown to her, Ambhay confided to Tanya everything he knows and feels for her mom, and tried to help him win her mom’s heart. Tanya along with her classmates conspired with Ambhay and performed the story of her mother, on how a nerdy guy loved in silence the most popular girl of the campus; on how Ambhay saved her from drowning in a river after partying in their school; and her near encounter with him in the morning after he saved her from drowning the night before, had it not been for her furious father. Alisha was then able to piece things together and figured out that Ambhay was the portrayed nerd who once saved her life, and that she was the woman, the lone woman whom Ambhay loved for so long! Alisha apologized to Ambhay and tells him that she already fell in love with him. And she also told him that she believes that he should get the proper credit for his software and not Varun.

Ambhay finally managed to take his software back from Varun, with a vengeance and a fat paycheck, when Varun cannot provide the correct password to run the software because of the bug that Ambhay sneaked into the software. They were only able to open the software when Ambhay told Alisha the password which is her name, A-L-I-S-H-A. And Ambhay finally got the love of the only woman whom he loved for so long including Tanya.

It was just a movie, a good one (minus all the musical in between) that rang many strings and bells within me, and I was able to pick some good points such as:

1. In developing a software, a machine and other complex systems, the designer/developer alone knows how to get around it with deadly precision. And the creation will always point to the maker.

2. With a pure intent and a will to fight, you will eventually get what is rightfully yours.

3. No matter what your circumstances are, when something is meant for you, though it goes away for some time, you will eventually own it in a way more wonderful and glorious than you will ever imagine!

4. The reality that the world created norms and standards that label people as attractive and unattractive. A good look is a blessing and gets you a far better treatment in this society than those who doesn’t have it. And we have to struggle to attain the fair treatment we deserve – from getting a job, or being liked by a specific group of people.

I felt elated by the triumph and justice done to Ambhay when he got what was rightfully his, when the girl whom he only dreamed about loved him back finally, and proved not only to himself, his father, Alisha, and everybody that justice and fortune can happen to anyone, even for those whom the world labels as unattractive. And that the love which was once impossible to have can be possessed and owned by those who desire and work for it…


Author: The Romantic Alpha

Aside from physical and intellectual strength, a man is also given a heart to feel and share love and value. Dive into the mind of the alpha, feel his heart beat, and let me carry you with my strong yet gentle hands. I'm continuously innovating myself to be a better man, husband, father, friend, and structural engineer. Love's not overrated. The world needs the true essence of which.

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