How Writing Benefitted This Man Right Here (My Thumbs Pointing at Me)

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For writers, writing is just the beginning of self discovery and it would take a lifetime uncovering that package handed to us called “life”. I’m still in the process of unpacking and it is through writing that I am making sense for all these. Writing has been one of my meditations that calm the storm and make the view clearer. How? Read below:

  1. The power of affirmation. I was able to hush that bastard who continuously reminds me that I’m a wretched and a good-for-nothing man (for a longer amount of time at least). What you tell yourself repeatedly will become you, so when I write, I try to write only the things that I want to become. Writing has become for me then a manifestation of having the balls to commit to changing myself for the better by printing my words for everyone to see.
  2. You’re mastering your craft and yourself at the same time. I was not just able to brush up with grammar and other creative ways to express my ideas though the written words. The man in the mirror became clearer. And in my case, the man is an alpha who’s actively engaged in forging the future of my sons; a bloodied, war-hardened samurai warrior who had become more confident and wiser beside my woman; and a human being trying his best to be a good man and friend. I was able to uncover that man by continuous writing.
  3. You continuously improve and reinvent yourself. I am able identify continuously which part of me needs to go, which needs enhancement and what needs to stay. I’ve also made progress in breaking the monotony and expanding myself in a way that every part of me resonates with my whole self.
  4. You become more definite of yourself and the things that you want. Because you want it no matter how hard it will be to achieve, you will have it. And if it’s really meant for you, it will stick like hell and you’ll prove it from time to time until they become a part of you and they’ll eventually be you.
  5. You become one with yourself. My million miles of isolation from myself is being bridged inch by inch with every word I write. Where there were fragments scattered all around, writing glues them all forming them into a one big picture of myself.
  6. You graduate from being a Grinch to being thankful for all the blessings great and small; you appreciate the small stuff you often take for granted. This is a life changer for me. Hope it does the same to you.

Watashi No Ichiban Nihongo Sakubun

syashin minamoto

Watashi no tomodachi, konnichiwa.

Watashi wa Nihongo naratte imasu. Bunpo wa fukanzen na desu. Gomennasai.

Kono ichiban sakubun wa muzukashii kaite desu. Shikashinagara, tomodachi wa sakubun o yonde imasu. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!



I Would Still Love You

But I will still love you even when rheumatism will be a daily cross to bear and when you will lose all your teeth and bite me with your gums.

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I would still love your hair that turned white.

It’s the proof that we’ve both grown through the years. Proof that one time sometime ago, we decided to be together, make things work for both of us because we love each other. Not a parasitic kind of love, but a mutualistic type where we both benefit and grow.

We’ve been perennially subjected to ups and downs, and the years already took their toll. Now we’re both having our white crowns and I am so happy that we’re both growing crowns of snow together.

I would still love your bulging belly.

There’s a reason why it is called a lover’s handle. And I want to hold you there. Don’t worry that it’s not flat anymore. I find nothing sexier in your body other than the womb inside that belly that bore my children.

I want to run my fingers on your womb and reminisce the moment when my sons were still inside meeting my touches. I remember when it was so taut and big, and I frequently planted a kiss on it. And I will always love that scar that still serves as a witness for your great love and courage.

I would still love your wrinkled hands.

Please don’t be ashamed of them because they already attained maximum friction, and that they would guarantee that my hand will never slip and that they would remain tightly grasped to yours.

I would always love the feeling of that hand on my fists; the way it equilibrated rage with a tranquil mind, violence with a loving touch, a heart that feels with physical and mental strength. The way that simple touch hushed the turbulence, the way it said I love you without the need for words.

We will get old. Our knees will eventually fail us. My hair may either be diminished or completely lost. Our joints will squeak.

But I will still love you even when rheumatism will be a daily cross to bear and when you will lose all your teeth and bite me with your gums.

Our age will be nothing more but mere digits. It’s the love and wrinkles that will make those years count.

In Denial

And when you do hear that I’m still in love with you, it’s not me. It’s the tequila, the Red Horse Beer, any spirit or anything under the sun for that matter. But whoever or whatever it is, it’s not me.


Who me? Still in love with you?! Oh come on honey you know better than that! I loved you back then but that was before. It was over the moment you told me that we’re done.

And no, I’m not missing you.

You were a princess with a smiling face and a katana on hand who carved a big ugly scar in my heart. You left it dilapidated but that’s ok, I can live with that.

Please don’t assume you’re seeing tears. If you see my bloodshot eyes, it’s because I haven’t had enough sleep last night because I watched hell lot of movies that I missed when we’re together. Or, I’ve been out with the guys on a party I chose to turn down because I chose you. No I’m not blaming you for that decision I made. It’s me and I made that choice.

And don’t ever expect to see tears in my eyes if it’s raining hard ok? You’ll more likely see cats and dogs, even in the drizzle. But tears? No way sir.

And when you do hear that I’m still in love with you, it’s not me. It’s the tequila, the Red Horse Beer, any spirit or anything under the sun for that matter. But whoever or whatever it is, it’s not me.

By the way, this song’s for you so that you’ll know. I hope it’s now clear baby. No I’m not the one who said I love you just now. It’s that damn spirit ok?!

Of Broken-Hearted Men, Songs for the Broken Heart and Good Old Liquor II

You’re there, I’m here

I thought we’re in this together

But it turned out that the “us” that I knew

Is that there’s no you. There’s just me.

Why didn’t you take me with you?

Why is there a need for you to be there and me in here?

Whatever the reason, you’re not meant to be my girl. I’m not the one destined to put a ring on your finger and you’re not the one to bear my children.

Well, time heals all things as they say. Someday when I’m finally over you, I’m going to remember you with a smile on my face wishing and praying for your happiness.

But today, I don’t want to be sober just yet.

And while you’re still here (points to chest), I’m going to drink and miss you.

Then I’m going to drink some more and miss you more and more. You finally got the pattern, right?

When Something “Green” Gives A Healthy, Hearty Laughin’

And, of all people you can laugh out loud with, isn’t it cool that you’re doing it with your special someone?

I’ve been sitting on this hilarious “green” song in my local dialect that never fails to put a grin on my face irrespective of when or where I am. And due to its green nature and that the terms require a considerable degree of fluency to fully comprehend it in full context, I cannot just share it to anyone and so I was condemned to laugh alone for a while.

One weekend while both me and my wife are doing the laundry, I remembered the song again. But this time, instead of keeping it to myself, I sang that hilarious part of the lyrics out loud followed by a hearty laugh until it brought me to tears.

♪ ♫ Nakamagmaga,
Natikagan sa ♫ ♪

My wife let out a belly laugh followed by a silent one as she hit me twice with her towel while her knees totally lost control as she squatted on the ground.

While our shoulders were still shaking, I felt relieved that I finally found someone to share with the hilarious song and laugh with much gusto.

“Thank you,” I told her in the middle of my chuckles “thank you for laughing out loud with me!”

What I’ve learned in that moment is, given the right timing, a green joke minus the sexual innuendos and overtones expressing repressed urges can give a clean humor that can make you laugh with your significant other. And, of all people you can laugh out loud with, isn’t it cool that you’re doing it with your special someone?

And in our case, a good hearty laugh is always equivalent to a good quality time with each other.

And that, is not a joke my friend 🙂

I Love You For All the Moments In Between

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I love you in silence…

Not just when things are merry
Not just when the situation elicits chuckles
Not just when you’re euphoric

I love you in silence…

Not just when you’re in pain
Not just when discouragement sets in
Not just when you’re confused and afraid

I love you
For all those moments in between
For all the mundane
For all the ordinary moments:

  • When there’s neither joy nor pain
  • When there’s neither sunshine nor rain

I love you in silence
When words become superfluous
I love you in silence –
When both our hearts freely speak.

“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.” – John Keats

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kiss me beneath the thunderclaps –
…and the howling wind will cease
…and the raindrops in the air will freeze
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where the little girls won’t weep
…but resume their peaceful sleep

kiss me in the midst of a world war –
…and the bullets will cease their flight
…and armaments lose their might
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…where soldiers and rebels will drop their weapons
…and embrace each other like brothers

kiss me when I’m worn and weak –
…when this man can exert no more
…when the world becomes too much for my shoulders
and the violence that rages on
will be calm as the early morn
…there newfound strength awaits
…to stare at life again at its face

kiss me baby…
the faintest touch of your lips on mine
and your warm hug so divine
our eyes are closed but sees in the open
on earth a tranquil piece of heaven

kiss me my dear…
that magical moment
when love conquers all
and all of this life’s mess
in their perfect places fall
the earth stands still
and gives way to infinity
… every time you kiss me

Kung Anu-Anong Kauululan sa Loob at Labas ng UV Express VI: Saan Yun?

“Sigurado ka bang dito sa Pilipinas yan?” Photo from

“Uhmm, (kunot ng noo sabay kamot ng ulo) saan yun?”

Siguradong mapapakamot ka ng ulo kung bagito kang taxi, bus, o jeepney driver sa Kamaynilaan at narinig mo kung saan magpapahatid ang ilang pasahero sayo.

Wala kang ideya kung saan yung sinasabi nila? Wag kang mag-alala amigo dahil para sa’yo kung bakit ko naisulat ‘to.

At kung isa ka namang commuter kagaya ko, ay di ka na magugulat pa at mangu-ngunot noo kapag narinig mo ang mga ilalahad kong lugar.

PAALALA: WAG KANG TATAWA NG MALAKAS kapag narinig mo ang mga ito habang may nagbabayad ng pamasahe dahil baka irapan ka ni ate o di kaya’y umbagin ka ni kuya. Kaya kung sensitibo ang iyong pandinig ay pigilan mo ang tumawa kapag marinig mo ang mga to:

Sikihor – katabi ng SM Manila

Is im – katabi ng sikihor

Flad wi – malapit sa Rosario at tulay sa Ortigas Avenue

Pidru Hel – kalye malapit sa PGH

Theft – kung saan dumadaan ang LRT Line 1

“O yupiyupiyupiyupi!!” – sigaw ng mga barker sa sakayan ng jeep sa kanto ng Marcos Hi-Way at Katipunan

Git wi – katabi ng Farmers Plaza sa Cubao

Sige na, i-type mo na sa comment section sa baba yung gusto mong idagdag at alam kong may naiisip ka pa 😀

You Want to Know Why I Love You? It’s Because I Love My Life Baby. And YOU Are My Life!

Look, I can’t find any reason why I love you baby. So next time, please don’t ask me why because I’ll die first before I can find any reason at all.


“Look, I can’t find any reason why I love you baby. So next time, please don’t ask me why because I’ll die first before I can find any reason at all. All I know is I love you just because.

And I won’t stay if I don’t love you ok? The fact that I am here with you, right now, means I want to be with you because I cannot not be right beside you right now. I love you. I want you to know I’m here because I want to be with you.

It’s my choice.

It’s not a product of reason because reason itself will never create nor sustain love. I’m here because I love you, and I love you because I love you. Do you get that baby? I’m here because I love my life and I can’t part ways with my life because I would die. And you are my life baby, YOU are my life!”